Multi-channel INTEGRATIONS

The way audiences receive messages is constantly changing. Good thing VIRGEN has been on top of multi-channel marketing trends for more than 20 years! We’ve built an arsenal of traditional and modern integrated services to help you engage with your current audience while garnering new ones. Here are the multiple ways we can help you communicate directly to consumers.



  • Market Research & Positioning

    This stage includes analyzing existing research on your brand as well as collecting current brand opinions via social media, blogs and surveys. It also includes compiling a brand advocate report to understand what your ideal customer loves about you and why they choose your products and services over your competitors.

  • Brand and Logo Identity

    Here we create the elements that make up your image. From marketing collateral and product packaging to websites and digital assets, each element works with the others to tell your brand’s story at every turn.

  • Design

    While your brand is your perception, your logo is a visual of that brand. As we tune in to who you are, we craft a visual mark to serve as the symbol of your identity.

  • Image & Voice Standards

    We create the visuals and voice that you own in the marketplace.

  • Copywriting

    Copy is written in your brand’s voice to be both engaging and informative.


  • Marketing Funnel Strategy

    Our strategic process begins with the development of a marketing roadmap. This strategic framework plots the customer path from first point-of-contact through conversion.

  • Conversational Marketing

    We make it easier for your audience to engage and benefit from your brand by implementing targeted messaging designed for each stage of the buyer/consumer journey.

  • Lead Generation

    We build our leads list by identifying your target audience and assembling messages that speak directly to each persona.


  • Market Research

    Our experts learn about your competition and your audience and how best to reach them. We work with our longstanding media partners to best promote your brand.

  • Media Planning & Placement Across All Channels

    Through the utilization of the newest technologies and communication channels, we get your messages to current and prospective consumers in the most effective way.

  • Media Negotiations

    We always get you the proverbial bang for your buck.

  • Reporting & Analysis

    Our media management team provides analytical reports on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis on KPIs set based on a campaign’s specific goals and objectives.


  • Customer Journey Strategy

    Customer journeys are built based on triggers, events or actions taken (or not taken) by our customers. Our platforms allow us to integrate your emails with your website, landing pages and social media to learn about your customer.

  • Design & Copy

    Provided in-house to match your brand design and voice.

  • HTML Programming

    All emails are built and programmed to ensure proper functionality.

  • Database Segmentation & Deployment

    Our email platform partners offer the ability for A/B testing such as database segmentation, subject line testing, and copy testing. We also provide recommendations based on top-performing deployment dates/times based on annual aggregates of email campaigns.

  • Analytics

    Our programs are developed to provide us with quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily reports on KPIs such as clickthrough rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, ROI, open rate and unsubscribe rate.

Chat Bot

  • Messaging & Strategy

    Does your customer prefer text over email? Our platforms offer SMS message capabilities to deploy and trigger messages to your audience based on the journey built for that specific campaign.

  • Deployment

    Messages can be deployed manually, monthly, or weekly, or can be set to be triggered by specific user actions.

  • Analytics

    Our programs are developed to provide us with quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily reports on KPIs such as clickthrough rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, ROI, open rate and unsubscribe rate.

Social Media

  • Content Creation & Management

    Here we decide the best channels to promote your marketing campaigns and create a content calendar for weekly/monthly posts supported by creative content. In addition, we monitor and respond to the conversations within your social media platforms.

  • Awareness Campaigns

    To best promote your brand story, we thoroughly research your target market and craft the right mix of engaging, informative and entertaining content. We also leverage the latest trends and connect with influencers to promote your product(s)/services.

  • Engagement Tactics

    From the right post type to when and what channel to post, we utilize an eclectic mix of proven tactics to inspire and activate your audience.


  • UX/UI & Design

    Our in-house team builds your site to accommodate the user experience (UX) and complements it with effective interface design (UI) design.

  • SEO

    Copy, Keywords, Images, Links, Tags/Pixel Strategy, Testing
    SEO allows search engines to identify your website’s content and serve it to the right audience.