How do you take a tired, overly themed shopping center and turn it into Las Vegas' premier shopping destination?

Formerly known as Desert Passage, Miracle Mile Shops wanted the world to know they were now a shimmering oasis in the desert drenched in cutting-edge fashion at affordable prices.

The challenge: Miracle Mile Shops was just a few stiletto clicks away from three of the highest-performing shopping centers in the nation. Challenge accepted.

With their core audience being 80% tourists and 20% Las Vegas locals, and our target market changing every three days, we needed a campaign that took no prisoners. We got to work.

Say hello to Shopulation — A vibrant combination of fashion and energy that screamed “shopping is fun!” and inspired customers to experience Miracle Mile Shops over the competition.

While traditional media was important, our audience of tourists was searching online for their next Vegas experience. SEM became paramount.

Visitors begin their search at home. A fashionating website gave them the chance to interact with the hottest brand in town before they even got their first look at Las Vegas’ glittering skyline.

We had our customers in the bag. Miracle Mile Shops sales increased $114 per square foot or 15%, and their traffic increased by over 4.3 million visitors or 18%.