How do you use human behavior and technology to drive even more traffic to the world’s most-famous Beer Hall?

It’s called Humology — 
the blend of human interaction and technology that makes your audience tick.

In Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas’ case, all eyes were on mobile. But their messages were not.

The audience matrix revealed a key insight. The target audience was 80% tourists with an average of three smart devices, and they weren’t afraid to use them.

They ate up social media faster than Schnitzel.

We served up Bier Party, the story of big brews with bigger personality, and they drank it in.

Beer lovers everywhere began to interact with the Hofbräu brand and in a span of four months, Facebook likes increased by 9%, Instagram went from 0 followers to more than 800, and Twitter followers increased by 14%.

The results? Increased table reservations and one of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations they’d seen in years. Now that’s something worth prosting about.