VIRGEN has 16 years of experience marketing to seniors. VIRGEN understands the nuances that occur within this demo and the vast differences between an age-in and a person that is 80 years old, while working within highly-regulated CMS guidelines.

Experience includes:


”Faces of Nevada” Medicare Advantage Calendar

VIRGEN has created an annual senior-focused calendar for the last 13 years. This award-winning direct marketing piece has become a labor of love. The creative process involves an interview and selection of actual senior Medicare Advantage members. Each year, VIRGEN speaks to numerous seniors, which provides invaluable information on their opinions of the plan, likes and dislikes and media consumption habits. These informal “focus groups” help inform the OEP campaign with important marketing data. The calendar project creates immeasurable goodwill and brand ambassadors of the chosen members.

Medicare Part D Marketing

VIRGEN has worked to research, plan and deploy acquisition strategies for Medicare Part D throughout the Western states.

Campaign highlights:

Results: Our target acquisition goal of 20,000 calls per week was met and surpassed.


As the landscape of health care coverage and delivery changes in conjunction with Medicaid expansion, marketing to this population has become a vital and fluid part of health insurance delivery. VIRGEN has created and deployed communication plans and specialized outreach for the Medicaid population for over 15 years. As this multi-cultural population tends to seek health care for their children and not themselves, overlook appointments, experience transportation challenges and ignore preventive health, it is critical to devise tactics that are relevant, motivating and authentic.


Marketing a commercial health insurance plan encompasses strategic thinking, market awareness and the ability to react quickly and within strict insurance guidelines. VIRGEN has worked over 16 years with leading health insurance providers to drive awareness, increase membership, and solve specific issues.

Highlights include:

  • Strategies designed for the general population, as well as the business and broker community
  • Special initiatives including ACA, urgent care, emergency room misuse, community health issues and CAHPS® surveys
  • Custom communication materials for large groups
  • Crisis management
  • Development of websites with custom online access tools
  • Creation of a real-time enrollment site
  • Development of custom content microsites and social media marketing that work as extensions of the brand to encourage dialogue with the health plan
  • E-health: mobile and online tools
  • Traveling medical delivery

Results: Maintained the dominant position in the market and consistently grew membership with ever-increasing competitors.


VIRGEN delivers innovative strategies when marketing health care delivery by intersecting consumer needs with the ever-changing advances in CDO product and service offerings. New models of promoting patient-centered, integrated health care such as e-health tools, notable app technologies and an expanded clinical facility footprint assist in surmounting challenges such as access to care, rising costs and doctor shortages. As the target audience for CDOs is expansive, VIRGEN uses predictive modeling and perception studies to identify, define and deliver tactical messaging most likely to resonate with differing audience segments.

Highlights include:

  • Increase registration and utilization of health IT tools, specialty apps and e-patient portals
  • Promote health care specialties
  • Raise CAHPS® ratings
  • Maximize CDO community awareness and engagement through events, partnerships, custom content on social media channels and on in-clinic TV
  • New physician recruitment and new center openings
  • Promote immunization clinics, shared appointments, senior-focused, etc.
  • Engage and activate CDO employees

Results: Increase recruitment of primary care doctors, growth of clinics over 300%, instituted senior care programs, launched and grew mobile and e-visits to meet corporate goals.


VIRGEN has aligned with multiple organizations to promote health education and wellness programs. Whether part of a curriculum for commercial health plans or targeted to large corporations, VIRGEN has created campaigns focused on diet, exercise and the importance of incorporating routine health screenings. Niche strategies were crafted to address specific issues such as stress reduction, proper insulin injection technique, smoking cessation, as well as the correct installation of child-safe car seats. All involved the curation of custom content, novel events, and rewarding progress with incentive items such as the FitBit and other wearable activity monitors.

Result: The measurable goal showed lowered insurance claims within the commercial health plans and decreased absenteeism.