The New Year’s resolution landscape is riddled with false starts, failed attempts, and fractured dreams. It’s just so easy to get caught up in all the holiday hoopla and make the grand gesture that will completely change our lives and solve all of our problems. What a load of BS. It’s an awful amount of pressure to put on ourselves just because the calendar flipped another page.

The best and most lasting resolutions occur in those not-so-celebratory moments when we’re sitting alone with our morning coffee trying to figure out just what to do next. That’s when we can actually hear the little voice in our head as he gives us guidance, uninfluenced by one too many vodka tonics.

It was in one of those quiet little moments I realized that with the ever-changing marketing landscape, 2017 would require a renewed focus for clients to be successful. I could boil it down to one word – content. Say it five times: content, content, content, content, and content. There, you have my list of marketing resolutions for 2017. No, it’s not cheating to only have one word on my list, it’s just that important.

Let me explain.

There are moments in marketing history when all the planets align to deliver the perfect path for companies to deliver their messages. Take 1941 and the first television advertising. Finally, we could put pictures with the words and families no longer had to sit around and watch radio. It was a defining moment in marketing and a clear path to get a message to what would soon be millions of consumers. But, even that is going to change as choices for television programming proliferate through Apple TV, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Vudu and other words ending in “U.”

The planets have aligned again, though maybe not in such a straight line this time. The Internet is fast becoming the principal means of consumers pulling content and tailoring their entertainment and information experience to their own needs and desires. When television began, you had a few networks to choose from. Cable television increased that offering to hundreds of choices. But in a world of never enough, enter the Internet and its millions of choices. With channels, blogs, apps, networks, sites, etc., you could live to be 1000 and not even scratch the surface of the amount of content that’s uploaded for your personal viewing pleasure.

And yet, consumers have become very adept at pulling the content they want from this endless universe of stuff. Why? Because they are now in control. They seek out and subscribe to the things they like and ignore the content they are not interested in. Google knows this and that’s why their algorithms prefer websites with constantly changing content. Suddenly, we must all become publishers. We must tantalize consumers to subscribe to our content. We must then provide them with rich, relevant content.

It’s like a first date. Put your best foot forward, be interesting and relevant and you might get a second date. By the time a few months have gone by, you are in a full-fledged relationship and enjoying the rewards of a mutually beneficial connection – with your customers. And that is what content marketing is all about.

So, while you’re enjoying that quiet moment with that second cup of coffee on January 1, consider the fact that content is about to become your new best friend. If you’re not sure where to start, VIRGEN Digital Brand Marketing can help you launch your content marketing program. Cheers!