It’s #NationalTellAStoryDay and here at VIRGEN Digital Brand Marketing we’re celebrating by giving you a few reasons you should leverage Instagram Stories as a marketing tool to tell your brand’s story.

We know what you’re thinking, “But what about Snapchat?” As we stated in our last post “Top Ways to Engage in 2017”, Instagram Stories is here to stay and growing and evolving more and more each week, making it a more attractive option to brands who have already established an audience base on the app. Now, that brings us to the reasons you should consider Instagram Stories as an additional tool to get your message across.

1. Captive Audience

As we’ve touched on above, Instagram Stories and Snapchat do basically the same thing, but let me ask you this, do you already have an established Instagram or a Snapchat account? Chances are it’s the former and not the latter. So why go through the painful process of building a brand new audience on another social platform when you can speak to the one you already have? Plus, in a recent article published by AdWeek, Instagram Stories now has 200 million active daily users compared to Snapchat’s 158 million active daily users. And that’s not even taking into account the 400 million daily active users Instagram has overall.

2. Insights

While both platforms have struggled at times to deliver valuable analytics to its users, Instagram rolled out insights into the app for business accounts a few months ago which gives impressions, top posts, time of day your followers are on the platform and more.


“Cool Caroline, but what does that mean for Instagram Stories?”

Lots! Not only can you use some of these insights to help guide the content of your stories, you’ll know exactly when you should post your story. BUT what’s even better is that they recently rolled out separate analytics specifically for Stories. They show reach, impressions, replies and drop-off, which will help brands to formulate more compelling content for the stories tool specifically. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Snapchat. It’s still a painstaking task of manually going in before your story ends to count (yes, count) viewers. The only way to get some type of insights is through a third party application, which comes at a price.

3. Ad Options

If you’re buying ads on social (which we recommend you should), Instagram Stories’ ad options come at a much more manageable price tag over Snapchat. According to AdAge, Instagram ads cost $4 CPMs (price per 1,000 impressions) versus $8.50 for Snapchat. Instagram Stories is half the price of Snapchat and advertisers are seeing higher numbers of impressions and views on Instagram overall as well. Of course, this all depends on the campaign, but the numbers are quite telling. While Snapchat does offer more ad types at the moment, Instagram Stories has grown and evolved at such a quick rate that the likelihood of them adding more options in the very near future seems like a given.

Hopefully we’ve convinced you that Instagram Stories is a viable tool to get your brand message heard, but if you need a little more convincing, VIRGEN Digital Brand Marketing is here to help with all your social needs!