If you own or run a business, there isn’t anything scarier than the dead silence of a telephone, or a website that’s collecting cobwebs. In this post, we’ll dig up the secrets to creating content that’ll have consumers knocking down your door. Warning: More Halloween wordplay to come.


Content isn’t like spaghetti noodles. Throwing it out there and seeing what sticks can be a major waste of time and it’s guaranteed to leave your audience unsatisfied. Speak directly to them by creating buyer personas aka, characters that represent your ideal consumers. This means going much deeper than age, sex and favorite color. What are their goals? How do they spend their day? What’s their background? How do they search for information? Answering these types of questions will not only help you discover your true consumer base, it will also allow you to determine where to place your new, compelling content (you can get even more granular using this). Note: You may have more than one buyer persona.


Once you know who you’re speaking to, you need to know what ails them. How do you find this out? Take a survey! You can use tools like Quora to gather information, or you can go straight to the source—your own social networks! Jump on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and just ask your audience how you can make their lives easier. This will help you take out the guesswork and deliver some monster content.


So now you know who you’re talking to and how to solve their problems. It’s time to let them know what you know! This is where you start to narrow down and define the type of content you create.

Let’s say you own a boutique market specializing in fresh produce and spices and discover that one of your buyer personas is an immortal night dweller with an aversion to garlic; his biggest pain point is finding the right substitute for this essential spice. He’s tried for centuries! You could write a blog post titled “The 7 Best Garlic Substitutes and How To Use Them” or create a quick Listicle. What you create may depend on how your audience consumes information, but it’s always good to experiment with styles to keep things interesting. The main point is to keep offering solutions so you become their go-to source.

Content can be a tricky thing, but teaming up with VIRGEN Digital Brand Marketing can make it quite the treat. Let us help you make it irresistible.