We understand. Placing your business, your baby, into the hands of someone else can be uncomfortable, nerve racking and downright painful. As an entrepreneur, you may feel that you know all there is to know about your business and we are sure you do, but hear me out.

Imagine a world where all of your marketing efforts are diligently being worked on, keeping your stress level low. Now you can focus on all other aspects of your business such as budget, payroll, rapport, morale and vacation plans. Okay, well maybe not the latter, but you get my point!

Hiring an advertising agency can take a few significant items off your plate, so you can put energy in other parts of the business.


Let’s discuss a few different reasons why hiring an advertising agency can work in your favor.


Advertising agencies tend to have a level of experience beyond our wildest imaginations. In each agency, you have a team of marketing gurus with different skills and ideas to bring to the table. Think of them as psychologists and detectives, that are able to dissect and transform information to ensure that your product gets in the hands of your consumer. They have the ability to put themselves in the seat of the buyer, enabling them to have a transparent perspective to create the most effective campaign possible.

Agencies live, breathe and eat advertising. They hire the best of the best to perform tasks that they are passionate about. Marketing professionals keep their finger on the pulse of the industry to ensure they are always on top of their game and delivering immaculate services to their clients.

Rest assured that your brand will be catered to.

Saving Time & Money

When hiring an in-house agency, you’ll be tasked with hiring a team who will require salary plus benefits. Working with an outside agency allows you to be flexible and, in most cases, paying flat fees for projects. You can expect a streamlined process for effective campaigns, which means getting your brand out there sooner. Also, an agency will keep your marketing budget on track so you don’t have to think about it.

Agencies have the hook up! They have access to various discounts from different vendors. Advertisement placements can be pricey, especially when you are trying to source on your own. It can be very difficult to find vendors who are willing to work with you on a limited budget. At times, you may have a very limited amount of space to put your advertisement. Designers are able to strategically create ads that deliver the intended message utilizing less space, saving you even more money!

Like the saying goes, “time is money”. Maximize on your time and money anywhere possible.

Brand Development

There is a lot to branding and it can be an overwhelming task. Agencies are able to create entire business strategies which include, but are not limited to, defining your brand, research target audiences, determine brand positioning, develop messaging strategies, design collateral, photoshoots, website layouts and much more!

An agency is able to walk your brand through its full life cycle, inception to maturity. If your brand already has visibility but isn’t performing well, they will be able to initiate problem solving techniques to determine the issue and adjust those areas.

Lastly, chances are that an agency has worked with brands similar to yours and will have a good idea how to jump start your brand moments after seeing it for the first time.

Overall, working with an advertisement agency will provide more creativity and opportunity for organic growth. Here at VIRGEN Digital Brand Marketing, we can take your brand to the next level. So let’s discuss your goals and make it happen!