Every time a superhero movie hits the big screen I start to wish I had some sort of superhuman power. And with the rate that Marvel is banging out blockbusters, this happens more than it should. The recent release of Ant-Man and The Wasp was no different, but instead of wistfully imagining being able to shrink down to two-inches tall, I got to thinking about a poignant quote by Nick Fury, The Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, in The Avengers:

The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they could become something more.

Then it hit me. Isn’t that what we as marketers are trying to do all the time? Assemble the ultimate team of kick-ass men and women to see how their powers together can change the world…or at least get someone to click “Add To Cart”?

So I wondered—if I was to create the perfect marketing team based on The Avengers, what would that look like? I put on my Fury hat (er, eye patch) and scoped out the resumes of my favorite superheroes to come up with the greatest marketing team in the universe.


Captain America: Creative Director

Everyone needs a fearless leader, and no one epitomizes that role more than Captain America. Donning a nearly indestructible shield, “Cap” can withstand a lot of pressure, and that is exactly what a team needs in a creative director. Whether opposition comes from the client or even within the internal team, a leader must rise to every occasion with strength and control…a million-dollar smile never hurt either.

Nick Fury: Marketing Manager

We all need a little Nick Fury in the workplace. After all, anyone who can act as the liaison between government and superhero egos and stay sane is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Marketing managers temper both client and team expectations while bringing strategy, organization and a smile to the table.

Dr. Strange: Graphic Designer

Despite being an actual doctor by trade, Dr. Strange’s most impressive power (to me) is the ability to transform matter and manipulate inanimate objects to do pretty much anything he wants. Graphic designers conjure their own brand of magic to create mind-bending masterpieces. Now if only they could use thought projection to get client approval the first time around…

Iron Man: Social Media Manager

Another leader of The Avengers, Iron Man is known for his tech skills as much as his snarky wit. Social media peeps are expected to engineer multiple platforms with ease while maintaining an individual voice for each client and keeping up with rules and regulations that change more than Iron Man’s nemesis.

Our own Social Media Manager chose this, btw. ☺

Black Widow: Copy/Content Writer

Quicker than a Ninja and even more skilled, Black Widow uses some pretty devious tactics to outwit her assailants. Writers attack each project with a quiet power that lures in unassuming readers, then leaves them wondering what the heck just happened—in a good way.

The Hulk, aka Bruce Banner: Media Buyer

Bruce Banner is the mild-mannered physicist who turns into a ferocious powerhouse once provoked. When it comes to spreading the client’s marketing dollars as far as possible, you want someone who isn’t afraid to release the beast, and that is exactly what a good media buyer will do. They are so passionate it’s almost scary… and let’s be honest, understanding Excel documents and spreadsheets can be a science in itself!

Spiderman: Video Production

Peter Parker is one of the youngest members of The Avenger squad, but his impact is way beyond his years. In the relatively short time video has been a key component to any marketing strategy, it has used its powers to become king. It’s imperative that every team have the resources to shoot and edit video— but remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Just like spidey-sense, video must be used responsibly to do the most good.


If The Avengers have taught me anything, it’s that our personal powers are better together than apart. Your marketing team may not always see eye to eye, but they will ultimately come together for the greater good and be better for it. I know there are so many other worthy Avengers out there, but these are my picks for the ultimate marketing team. Now I’m off to get some shawarma.