Think of a tagline as part of a dating profile. When you browse a dating site, (We aren’t assuming that you do, but work with me here) chances are good that you know nothing about the person you are viewing. First, you notice their main profile picture and you find it hard to resist clicking to learn more. Next, you’re deep inside the matrix of their profile reading their introduction. If their opening line isn’t stimulating in some way, you will likely click out and continue browsing other profiles. On to the next!

This is identical to the buyer’s process. After your audience identifies the problem, they begin to research and evaluate their alternatives. If the consumer isn’t pulled in by the first impression of your product or service, the likelihood of them continuing to research your brand is lessened. Taglines are part of the lasting impressions your audience will have of you, so come out of the gate strong because chances are good that you may gain a new customer.

So what is a tagline exactly?

A tagline is the all-powerful line of copy that spells out what your brand is about and you must know how to use them properly because improper use can scar your brand, so be careful.

A few great examples of the correct use of taglines include Maybelline with their catchy tagline “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” along with “A Diamond Is Forever” by DeBeers and “Don’t Leave Home Without It” by American Express.

Where do taglines go?

The tagline is the connection between you and your audience. It’s what they see right after the logo. You can see them on print advertisements or hear them on television commercials.

Why are taglines so important?

A tagline sets you apart from your competitors and it must be specific. For example, if you are a plumbing company and your tagline is “The Plumbing Guys”. This may not be the most intentional tagline to portray your business. Something more like, “The Plumbing Experts” is stronger. Now you are starting to build trust and educate your audience on who you are. You’re not just “guys”, you’re “experts”.

Your audience may not know who you are and there is a ton of information they will not have at first and reading lengthy copy probably isn’t going to happen right away. Your challenge is to find a way to condense all your company stands for in a short, simple sentence, showing off your features and or benefits.

In conclusion, the link between your client or love interest relies on a strong tagline! Don’t miss out on great opportunities because of a boring tagline. Your brand is better than that.

If your business is in need of a powerful tagline, give VIRGEN Digital Brand Marketing a call and let’s start writing!