Miracle Mile Shops is one of several shopping malls visitors can choose from on the Las Vegas Strip. Located directly on the Strip, Miracle Mile Shops is home to popular retailers such as H&M, Victoria’s Secret, and Sephora, as well as restaurants and shows.


With multiple shopping malls in the tourist areas of Las Vegas, we wanted to make Miracle Mile Shops stand out against the competition. VIRGEN had already done a rebrand of the previously named Desert Passage, so the logical next step was getting people in the door who were ready to shop.


In a city packed with shopping centers, the competition is fierce. With a lineup of more than 200 hip and trendy stores on the Las Vegas Strip, Miracle Mile Shops fits a niche somewhere between discount outlet centers and high-end luxury retailers.

In the Pay-Per-Click arena “shopping” and all its synonyms come at a premium. Without an unlimited budget, tactics and strategies must be maximized for optimal performance.

Campaign Strategy

VIRGEN runs Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for Miracle Mile Shops with the end goal of not just improving website traffic but also actual foot traffic to the shops.

Step 1 - Campaign audit

When VIRGEN brought in a new Digital Media Manager, they were tasked with campaign audits. What VIRGEN found is that while budget was being spent in full, there was room for improvement: negative keywords were limited, cost-per-click’s (CPCs) were high and the overall click-through rate (CTR) was low.

Step 2 – Optimizations

By spending time regularly in the campaigns adding negative keywords, refreshing ad copy, building out ad extensions and adjusting bids, VIRGEN’s Digital Media team was determined to improve MMS campaign results.

Step 3 – Test, Test, Test

Because changes can take time to impact a campaign, VIRGEN had a lot of testing to do. New ad groups with new ad copy, dayparting, and ad extensions were all tested to find what works best for tourists coming to Vegas to do some serious shopping.


By narrowing the keyword list, refreshing the tired ad copy, and giving the campaign the TLC that it needed, the results blew us out of the water. It took time, but VIRGEN’s team of PPC experts were able to boost the PPC campaign performance by a 67.9% raise in clicks and 137.4% in CTR year over year. Not only did the PPC improve, but website sessions were up 12% and users were up 8%. Website users stayed on the site longer, looking at more pages, and bouncing off site less. We call that a winning strategy!