Here we are, nearing the end of the first quarter of 2017. Maybe you walked into the New Year wide-eyed with tons of high expectations for your social performance, but find that it’s just not quite what you expected. Let me ask you this: have you added video to your content strategy?

If your answer is “no” or even “sorta”, then we need to chat.


We’ve heard it all before, “video will be king”, “video to dominate social in 2017”, but is there any proof to those assertions? Answer – yes. According to Chief Marketer, Facebook is optimizing video to take up 30% of the newsfeed, proving that social video shows no signs of slowing down. Take a look at your own feed for example. Do you find yourself engaging with a brand more when they post a video vs. a photo? Chances are you’ve stopped scrolling just to watch at least the first 10 seconds or so of that piece of content, whereas the photo got no love.

So how do you maximize your social video opportunities to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? We’re glad you asked!


Do we have your attention? It’s important to capture your viewer as early as possible. Facebook counts a video view when a video has played for 3 seconds, making it even more important to make an impactful first impression. For example, Tasty (Buzzfeed’s recipe focused channel) starts their videos with a shot of the finished product before diving into the steps it takes to create the featured dish. If it looks-dare we say- “tasty” enough, users are more likely to stick around and see just how such a delightful dish was created in a matter of seconds (AKA movie magic).


Once you’ve captured your audiences’ attention you can expand on the message in the rest of the video.

But don’t make it complicated. You still want to keep your audience engaged. Which brings us to our next point.


Okay, so they’re hooked. Now what? Going back to our Tasty example, even they manage to create an entire dish in under a minute (again, magic). This is just enough time for their audience to get the gist of what goes into creating the featured dish including prep, cook time, etc. You don’t want to bog down your audience with a 20 minute exposé on the product you’re offering. That’s what Netflix docu-series are for. Be clear, be concise and be fun! No one likes a party pooper.


Brand awareness doesn’t have to end when the video stops.


There are plenty of ways to get your target audience to continue the journey of discovery.

For example, Tasty (it’s definitely close to lunch time as I write this) adds links back to the full recipes in the original post or in the comments section of the post. In doing so, people are not only visiting the site, but may begin to peruse additional recipes and content available on the site. They also make their content extremely shareable, which just gives that piece of content greater reach and more opportunity to get it in front of more eyeballs.

So, that pot ‘o gold doesn’t seem too hard to find now does it? See how VIRGEN Digital Brand Marketing can help you build your social video content library to build brand awareness and customer retention.