The holidays are upon us and with them comes a marketer’s busiest time of year! Working far past sunset to make sure deadlines are met, we need some extra-special pampering (beyond a couple of cocktails). As marketers, it is our job to ensure we’re meeting client demands to help boost sales and brand awareness, which may sound like a walk in the park—but imagine that walk is uphill (both ways!) with snow up to your waist from 8am non-stop until 7pm, every day of the week.

Marketing junkies are in a league of our own. We’re technology addicted winos with little spare time so we’re always looking for ways to make life easier. Hence this guide.

We’ve put together our wish list for Santa, but just in case he can’t deliver, here it is for our friends and families too.


The VIRGEN Digital Brand Marketing Holiday Gift Guide:


1. Spa Finder Gift Card

After sitting in front of a computer all week, we have sore backs in desperate need of a deep massage. Or perhaps our coffee (or wine) consumption has spiked to unreasonably high amounts so our skin is due for a hydrating facial. Treat us to some forced relaxation, when we can’t be attached to our phones for at least an hour. Trust us, we need this.

2. A Workplace Mug from Someecards

A little humor goes a long way, even when it is realistic quips like Sorry I called, emailed, or IM’d you from three feet away. We’re going to need that mug for all the coffee (or “not” wine) we drink throughout the day!

3. Apple Watch Series 2

Fort hat extra special marketer in your life. The Series 2 is water resistant (for when we feel like we’re drowning in emails and deadlines), has a built-in GPS (so we can find which bar in which to have those hard-earned drinks), and a heart rate sensor (to remind us to calm down while we’re passionately explaining why a client needs to follow our recommendations for a successful campaign). Oh, and those other useful features, like email notifications and event reminders.

4. Subscription to Blue Apron

We probably don’t have to tell you just how busy marketers are. If only we could save time… maybe by skipping a trip to the grocery store? Wait! We Can! If you don’t know already, Blue Apron is one of those neat companies that send fresh, locally sourced ingredients with recipe cards to make home-cooked meals right to your door. We may still have to cook, but no grocery store means extra time spent catching up on sleep or with family and friends!

5. Amazon Echo

With a simple voice command of “Alexa, order a large pepperoni pizza from Dominos,” suddenly we’ve saved at least five minutes of computer or phone time. The Amazon Echo (or the smaller Dot) is beyond cool in its capabilities. Alexa plays music, reads the news, tells you the weather, orders Uber pick-ups, changes the thermostat, and so much more. And let’s be real: this gift is for the whole house.

6. Bottle of Favorite Wine

Bottle of Favorite Wine – Actually, make this a case of favorite wine. A single bottle just may not suffice! Don’t worry, we’ll share a glass with you.


Here at VIRGEN, we’re pretty confident that we’re on Santa’s “good” list, so at least one of these gifts should be under the tree on December 25. Whatever you decide to get for your favorite marketing junkie, VIRGEN recommends making it something to help save time (and stress).

Speaking of stress, are you one of those stressed-out marketing junkies of whom we speak? Give VIRGEN Brand Digital Marketing a call and let us help! As a full-service advertising agency, we take care of everything from graphic design to SEM to social media and everything in between. You could say that we’re the best present on any marketers’ Christmas list.