Like any truly great relationship, pay-per-click (PPC) requires work. You’ll have some great times, you’ll have some terrible times. Occasionally, you’ll have to spice things up to get the spark back in the relationship, whereas other times you can just let things continue as they are.

Maybe you’ve found your relationship with PPC is stuck in a rut – things aren’t going quite the way you want them to. You want to get the relationship back to that glorious honeymoon period… but how? Just like in your actual relationship when things start to go downhill, you have options: quit while you can, leave it be or communicate, make changes, and work to improve the status quo.

If you think quitting or leaving it be are the best options, we can’t really help you. But if you opt for communicating, making changes, and working toward an improvement, keep reading. We may not be relationship counselors, but we are certified PPC experts! And that’s almost the same thing, right?

Facts vs. Feelings

It’s easy to get extremely passionate about something you love and put time into! But if those ads just aren’t performing up to your standards, it’s time to bring back the spark. No need to break out the fuzzy handcuffs with PPC. It could be as simple as changing punctuation or adjusting your call to action. Look at your key performance indicators (KPI’s) and really listen to what those numbers are telling you. If your click-through rate (CTR) has steadily declined over the past six months, it’s time to listen to the facts and make some changes.

Make Time for Your Relationship

When you don’t set aside time for your partner, you’re probably missing out on something that’s important to them. We’re not saying you should have a romantic, candlelit dinner with your PPC, but you probably want to dedicate time each day to making it swoon. Don’t wait until reporting time to see trends with your ads that could have been changed. Set up reminders for things like weekly bid adjustments, monthly search term audits, quarterly copy sprucing, etc. Whatever you do, don’t just let it sit there getting stale.

Don’t Fear Change

Change can be scary, especially when you’re unsure of the outcome. Luckily, you’re not moving across the country, you’re just making some small adjustments. With PPC, there are many changes you can make without needing to fear! Adding ad extensions is shown to improve Quality Score and CTR. Use a keyword research tool to discover new terms that maybe you hadn’t even thought of to expand your reach. Create ads based on your upcoming events, special menus, and sales. See, nothing to fear here – unless you fear success.

Get Help When You Need It

Just because you love your partner doesn’t mean your relationship doesn’t need help. Whether it’s having an outside PPC expert look at your account or hiring an agency to manage your PPC, sometimes you must realize that you can’t solve everything on your own. This isn’t bad. It isn’t a sign of weakness. If anything, it shows that you recognize your need for help (not everyone can do that!). We get it – you have a lot on your plate! There is no shame in getting help when you need it.

Expecting a relationship to be all sunshine and unicorns is unrealistic, just like expecting your PPC campaigns to succeed without any work. The good news is that both relationships and PPC can improve! All you need to do is show some love, be open to change, get help if needed, and not fear success.

If your relationship is suffering, consider couples counseling. If your PPC is suffering, consider VIRGEN. We may not be able to fix your relationship, but we’re certain that we can improve your PPC.