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The Ultimate Marketing Team — If They Were Avengers


Every time a superhero movie hits the big screen I start to wish I had some sort of superhuman power. And with the rate that Marve... read more

Our Main Takeaways From Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional Testimony


In case you live under a rock, Facebook has been under a lot of fire. Like, A LOT. Back in March, it was revealed that data firm C... read more

The Dos and Don'ts of Text on Facebook Video Ads


I don’t like change. I huff whenever I sit down at a restaurant and discover their menu is different. And I don’t mean... read more

What the 'Time’s Up' Movement Means for Advertising Agencies


Dolly Parton said it best when she penned the title song to the film 9 to 5 with these lyrics: Workin’ 9 to 5, for service a... read more

How Brands Are Using Augmented Reality


More than 70 years ago sports fans and television lovers alike witnessed the first-ever television commercial. It was July 1, 1941... read more

How to Make Facebook Messenger Bots Work for You


Facebook Messenger bots are not a new technology – in fact, we talked about them almost a year ago in our Facebook F8 Confer... read more

What the Facebook News Feed Update Means for Brands


It’s been a couple of weeks since Facebook announced some pretty major changes to its News Feed, and if you’re anythin... read more

Content Writer vs Copywriter: Do You Know the Difference?


When I began my career in advertising and marketing as a copywriter, my friends would say things like, so you stamp those little &... read more

3 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2018


Well, here we are. Another year, another look at some of the exciting advancements to come to social media in 2018. Instead of cre... read more

The Top Marketing Campaigns of 2017


It’s still the beginning of a New Year, so why not keep one toe in the past with my picks for 2017’s top marketing cam... read more

Secret Santa Gifts Your Coworkers Actually Want


Secret Santa Gift Exchange. As an employee, these four words either give visions of sugarplums or nightmares before Christmas. But... read more

Get Your Business Online Part 2– Email Marketing


During the holiday season, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you have a sound email marketing strategy. Why? Well... read more

How Content Affects E-commerce


Ah, the holidays. A time when the ADD TO CART button on e-commerce sites sees more action than a mistletoe. In fact, this year, Cy... read more

Get Your Business Online Part 1 - Facebook Blueprint


It’s no secret that mobile is growing each and every day in terms of usage. In fact, research has shown that consumers spend... read more

The Role of Social Media in E-Commerce


The holidays are upon us and if you run an e-commerce site, you know just how important it is to capitalize on as many different c... read more

5 Things Your Competitor Can Teach You About Social Media


Contrary to what you’re told in school, looking off someone else’s paper could benefit your brand, especially when it ... read more

Tricks To Creating Compelling Content


If you own or run a business, there isn’t anything scarier than the dead silence of a telephone, or a website that’s c... read more

What Stranger Things (And Netflix) Got Right


When Netflix took a chance on the Duffer Brothers and picked up Stranger Things, they undoubtedly had no idea of the phenomenon it... read more

SEM - The New Yellow Pages


In the not-so-distant past, businesses needed a way for potential customers to find them. If you worked selling the Yellow Pages, ... read more

The Future of Influencer Marketing


In the world of skinny teas, magical gummies that promise to give you gorgeous locks, and the latest Bachelorette cast off, influe... read more